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2022-2023 Board of Directors

YWCA Lethbridge & District is led by a volunteer Board of Directors that works toward meeting the obligations of the work of the agency. Elected by the voting members of YWCA Lethbridge & District to serve a three-year term, the Board of Directors determines the mission, vision, values and ends of the Association.  

 The Board focuses on strategic leadership and is responsible for the organization’s highest level of decision making and legal authority.

Pardip Athwal


Kayla Podrasky

VP & Treasurer

Catherine Filgas


Shannon Jarvie


Melissa Johnson


Kimberly Manning


Hannah Scott


Emily Tilleman


Executive Leadership Team

The day-to-day operations of YWCA Lethbridge & District are overseen by our Executive Leadership Team. These people are responsible for implementing the organization’s strategic plan and developing and running the myriad of programs and services that serve the needs of our clients and the public.

Jill Young

Chief Executive Officer

Cat Champagne

External Relations Director

Sharon Adesina

Finance Director

Brittany Menzies

Program Director

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