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Safety Programs

Personal Protection Program

The YWCA Personal Protection Program is a six-week course designed to teach the essentials of personal protection starting with key safety plans to avoid dangerous situations as well as covering quickly learned principles for resolving a violent encounter. The program runs twice a year, starting in January and September. If you have a group interested in taking this course at a different time please contact Dustin to discuss options.

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Personal Protection Program for Teens

Based on the same life-saving principles as the adult version of the Personal Protection Program, but with age-appropriate techniques for teenagers.

This course is designed to be taken over four weeks in one-hour sections with assignments to do at home to reinforce what is being taught. Arrangements  can also be made to allow for this course to be completed in a single four-hour block.

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Combined Teen & Adult Class Personal Protection Program

he YWCA Personal Protection Program is a hands on workshop designed to quickly and efficiently teach participants how to evaluate threats and make plans to avoid the avoidable and survive the unavoidable.

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Family Protection Program

This course teaches strategies to help keep children safe while navigating this world we live in. The focus is on setting up systems as a family that help to improve safety for all involved. Parents and kids will learn the importance of working together and how to implement safety plans they deem necessary after assessing threats to the family. Children will also learn techniques to help them escape being grabbed including how to use physical force to facilitate escape opportunities.

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