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Personal Protection Program for Teens

Personal Protection Program for Teens

Based on the same life-saving principles as the adult version of the Personal Protection Program, but with age-appropriate techniques for teenagers.

This course is designed to be taken over four weeks in one-hour sections with assignments to do at home to reinforce what is being taught. Arrangements  can also be made to allow for this course to be completed in a single four-hour block.

Participants can expect to learn:

How to recognize physical and social signs that a threat may be present.
Steps to avoid threats and leave threatening situations.
Setting up verbal boundaries.
How to escape when being held or pinned against their will.
How to use physical force when needed to escape a violent encounter.

Ages: 13-17 -boys and girls welcome
Cost: $50 per participant
Scheduled Dates: This class runs when sufficient interest is expressed. Please send a note below if you’d like to be notified the next time the course runs.

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