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Safe Visitation and Outreach Services

Stabilize your situation.

We provide immediate, short-term care aimed at helping people stabilize their situations.

Our programs teach practical tools and skills to keep families safe and help them achieve a better future.

Outreach Services:

Our Outreach team helps clients work through an immediate crisis and navigate the legal systems. They provide support for police intervention, medical appointments, and social services issues.

Outreach Services can assist with

  • No contact orders
  • Emergency protection orders
  • Victim impact statements
  • Service and goal plans
  • Interim custody orders

Outreach works with clients to help them obtain stable housing and supports them in all aspects of their lives. This may include, but is not limited to, finding funding, working with outside resources like AISH, Alberta Works, Housing Associations within the community and referrals to community resources.


Safe Visitation:

In families where there is a history of domestic violence and the parents are separated, it can be very stressful for children to visit with the absent parent. The Safe Visitation Program provides a safe, child-friendly space for non-custodial parents to have a visit with their children that promotes or rebuilds a healthy relationship.


YWCA Lethbridge and District’s Safe Visitation Program meets the dual needs of children and parents through supervised visits that minimize the risks and potential for conflict escalation.  Parent-child time is supervised by two qualified professionals to ensure a stress-free visit and the best possible outcomes for children.

Referrals can be through the court system, from other agencies or by self referral.

The Safe Visitation program is free.

Contact: Cass Barrows, Safe Visitation Team Lead

403-329-0088 ext. 257

Give the Gift of Safety

Provide tools & education for families escaping domestic violence.

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